Clean & Clear




Press:  AdAdge,  Huffington Post,  MTV,  Buzzfeed,  Women You Should Know,  Seventeen Magazine


The Challenge: Create engaging social and digital content to communicate Clean & Clear's message of self acceptance.

The Solution: Debut the #SelfAcceptanceSpeech campaign on VMA night, encouraging girls to accept their truest self.




During the show, our team of creatives were on standby to create live VMA content. We also replied to #SelfAcceptanceSpeech tweets with custom applause emoji GIFs.


The Result: Moments after the spot aired, we watched Twitter explode with #SelfAcceptanceSpeech tweets. We made over 115K impressions in the first night. Media coverage from Buzzfeed, HuffPost and Ad Age proclaimed that Clean & Clear stole the show at the 2015 VMA's.



A small army of DDB creatives tweeted before, during, and after the VMA's.

Teen celebrity Mahogany Lox was sent to the red carpet to represent Clean & Clear, further creating brand hype on Twitter.

Before the VMA's:

The Clean & Clear partnership with Pretty Little Liars was brought to life on Twitter, creating themed posts and exclusive content to fans.

(I wrote hundreds of tweets about PLL. Major binge-watching was necessary homework.)



As Pretty Little Liars ended, the America's Best Dance Crew partnership began. And back to the Twittersphere we went. Thankfully, my Art Director was an experienced dancer and helped me understand the lingo. Still, I am not hip, nor do I hop. #Swag?