Wait who is this?

This is the 'about' section of a usually creative girl.

Sometimes her creativity is for a brand, that's advertising.

Sometimes it's for herself, that's art.

But sometimes creativity makes nothing at all,

and that's called being a usually creative girl,

which comes with some lifestyle rules

like never using tropes such as

"she marches to the beat of her own drum"


"I'm a storyteller"

no matter what.

I like Twitter and useless facts and when dogs lay down and their back legs do that frog thing. I go by LJ sometimes.


Literally nothing but it's chill

One Show Finalist, Promotional Design
I convinced Y&R to buy me a full body bear costume

Cannes Lions 4 Shortlists, Print & Publishing 
One Show Silver Pencil, Non-Profit: Collateral
One Show Silver Pencil, Outdoor
One Show Merit, Print
D&AD Wood Pencil, Craft for Advertising
D&AD Wood Pencil, Illustration for Advertising

SCADDY (Student Award) Silver, Typography
Showcase: Behance Student Show 
Showcase: SCAD Portfolios
Featured Work: SCAD Adler Hall and Anderson Hall

National Brand Ambassador, Equine Couture 
1st Team Academic All American Athlete

SCAD Advertising Beef Jerky Award

Spelling Bee, 4th Place