Subway Pitch

(An oh so very top secret)

Subway New Business Pitch

Our nights, weekends, hopes, dreams, stomachs and sanity went to Subway. And they didn't buy it. 

We pitched work to the clients, ate lots of free subs, and ended up with work we're proud of. #NoRegrets


Subway: Make it a Good One


We wrote and shot spots for TV and social.


Caitlin and I made 92 social posts in 36 hours with 2 Wacom tablets, a vat of coffee and 0 sleep.

And in  borderline delirious state, we presented it to the clients on a massive interactive touch screen. It. Was. Awesome.


Here are just a few posts we particularly enjoy.

(The May 4th post? We found fishing line and Yoda Halloween costume hands.)


We made competitive pre-roll ads.


And for the cherry on top of this sub of a pitch, we made Subbies. Four 3" subs for those who just can't choose.


RIP, Subway work. Ain't life a pitch?